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Holy Hangout

Are you looking to hang out with other kids in a fun, educational and safe place in your community? Maybe you would like to be creative in arts and crafts? Or learn a bible verse and story? And who doesn't like to draw with sidewalk chalk or play games! If you are in grades 1-5, we welcome you to Penbrook Church of God's Holy Hangout!

Holy Hangout is offered only in 3 six week sessions a year, each running for 6 weeks on Wednesday evenings. We provide a light meal, and maybe a little dessert to go with it! So come, have fun, and hangout!




Postponed until further notice due to Coronavirus

Wednesday evenings


5:50 - 6 pm           -  Doors Open

6:00 -6:30 pm       -  Light meal

6:30 -7:30 pm       -  Groups divided by grades                                   for Arts/Crafts, Bible                                             Story/Verse, and Activities:

                                        Grades 1-3

                                        Grades 4-5

7:30 pm               -  Pick up time

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