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Easter Eggs

Easter Egg Ministry

Each year during Lent, a group of church members and friends create delicious peanut butter and coconut chocolate covered Easter Eggs.  This ministry was begun many years ago in an effort to support various church, community and world-wide outreach programs.


In addition to supporting projects within the Church, funds are distributed to outreach programs to benefit their organization's efforts.  Here is a list of organizations who have received funds from the Egg Ministry:  


Food banks associated with area churches

Bethesda Mission in Harrisburg, PA

Wounded Warriors


Individuals in need in and outside our community

Community of Penbrook:

Athletic Association

Fire Department

Police Department


For more information concerning this ministry, please call the church office at 717.233.0160, extn 10. If you would like to order eggs during the lent season, please call 717.233.0160, extn 13.


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